With more than 20 years of experience in waste and solvent extraction. Our solutions are emphasising greatly on clean production technologies, cost-effective support and a healthy workplace and environment. Our applications are mainly planned to eliminate, the harmful vapors, gases and fumes during the operation of ink-jet marking machines, laser markers and engravers. You can use them for extraction even while soldering and welding materials . Please ask for our advice in relation to your needs! Each machine is equipped with a dust filter, which is intended to receive major physical contaminants , and a HEPA filter, which filters out even the smallest particles of the extracted material. The machines are checking the cleaned composition of the air, controlled by a sensor, and then re-inject it to the atmosphere. If the filters are saturated, the machine warns to replace that, so the production stays continuous and smooth. If congestion or other error occur in the system, it communicates to the PLC and the production machine with a warning or an error signal.

Purex 200

Particularly recommended to Inkjet machines!

  • Automatic flow control
  • Adjustable Spe...

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

Purex 200i

For Laser Marking Systems!

  • Automatic flow control
  • Adjustable Speed control
  • <...

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

Purex 400i

For Laser marking and engraving equipment!

  • Automatic flow control
  • Adjustable Speed...

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

Purex 800i

For High-performance laser marking and engraving equipment

  • Purex 800i
  • Automatic fl...

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

Purex Pleated Filter

Purex Pleated Filter for larger particles for (dust) perception.

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

HEPA szűrő

Purex HEPA filter for linking particles (0.3 Micon)

category: Industrial vacuum cleaners

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