Our Company Eco-Print & Tax Kft, has been established in 2011. Our main activities are related to the operation of Hungarian Marking equipment supplies, spare parts and technical service needs. Since many years of technical experience in the Marking Up business, we can guarantee that the existing expertise of partners from the beginning will be delivered.

Our main Profile: Videojet, Willett, Linx, Domino, Imaje, Hitachi, Leibinger, Citronix product line of equipment supplies, supply of spare parts and service needs. To do this, we try to get more product-demand capabilities, optimized to keep in stock and shipped within 1-2 business days.

We know that operating a machine a lot to costs for the operator, so we have tried to establish our prices, that are realistic to our partners and acceptable at the same time.

To develop a long-term strategic relationship with Each of our client, is the most important. The customer not only a client, but a partner also. After all, Together we can exceed those expectations that are demanded by the legislators and your Customers as well.

Therefor I kindy ask You, If it is important for You to have an experienced and helpful team to be Your partner and this help is accessible for an affordable price too? If so, please contact us to immediately to personally experience Our preparedness and expertise.

Sincerely, Eco-Print & Tax Kft.

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